The Writer



Well as you can probably tell, I’m a writer. Well I’m actually a Journalism Graduate whose finally come back to WordPress after a year or so off from blogging.
Basically what you should know about me is that I can write, and I don’t mean just status updates on Facebook or news feeds on Twitter. I’m good at what I do and I do it well ( how cocky does that sound?) Well, what’s the point of being good at something and keeping it to yourself, right?
I have a sense of humour, I like to read, which can be a hazard sometimes because I’m often left buying more books shelves with no space to put them in.
I love my shoes. I think I would be very happy just sitting in a shoe factory, testing the shoes, is that even a job? And if so, where do I apply?

But most of all, writing is my passion. Telling stories, meeting new people and discovering new adventures, whether through characters or people I”m writing about, writing is who I am.
You know when you were at school and the teachers told you to find something you’re good at? Well I’m good at writing and researching. So I’ve joined these two elements into this blog and I hope you enjoy my “thought-provoking process” on the daily musings of a writer.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.



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