When the dreaming stops

Lately, I have felt as though I have stopped dreaming. When I was much younger, I used to dream about the things I wanted in life. For me, life has never been about materialistic things; but more of the spiritual path. However, lately, I have stopped dreaming. I feel a little lost, but not worried; if that makes sense at all. All the wonderful things in life that used to make me dream have, somehow, dried up. Maybe I have achieved everything I have ever wanted to do, with the exception of three things; so could it be that? Have I come to the point where achieving all the things on my list have left my dream bank empty? Do I need to create new dreams and if so, how much bigger can they get?

Therefore, I ask you, dear readers; have you stopped dreaming and if you have, why?


One thought on “When the dreaming stops

  1. In our society we are taught at a very young age how to best delude our ideas, dreams, and emotions. We loose that curiosity and sense of wonder at the world. I say the moment you stop learning, the moment you stop dreaming, you’re done for. Join the rest of those living in the grey twilight.


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