We’re often told to be grateful for all that we have. Society tells us we don’t have enough of anything; whether it’s material possessions or the basic human need of love, shelter, food, e.t.c. So how do we know when we should be grateful? When something bad happens to us? Or around us?  When we’re given opportunities we didn’t think existed, let alone would be presented to us? Or do we simply become grateful in the knowledge that  we’ve done everything we could; as a single person, to do the things we set out for ourselves?

At what point, in your life, have you just become grateful for all that you have?



One thought on “Grateful

  1. In the past I have been the most grateful at my very highs and very lows. When you are at your happiest, it’s easy to be grateful for all the things that are making you so happy. When you are down, you look for the things that are good to focus on and are grateful for those things. When you are in the middle of high and low, it’s easy to forget to be grateful. So it’s at these times its important to set aside some time to be thankful for all that you have.

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