Breaking into 2013



Treasury Casino 2013

As this is the first post for 2013, I thought I should make it relevant to 2013. Normally, I would spend my New Year’s Eve watching movies and having a glass of red wine, but this year, I welcomed 2013 with fireworks at South Bank.

They had the most wonderful display I have ever seen. The people who were in front of me, all decided that they should stand up and look at the fire works, instead of staying seated; but it was so much better standing up. I have to say, the gold and purple display was my favourite of the experience; I didn’t mind the music either. It was so nice to see so many families, friends, couples, singles, coming together to welcome in the new year. Most of the people I saw were well-behaved, I’m not entirely too sure about what happened once I left.
As the new year dawned, I manged to get myself back to South Bank only this time, I manged to burn my foot. Now, before you go, ” Didn’t you put on sun scree?” I sure did, but I seemed to have missed a patch and it now looks like a little red dragon that I’ve named “Sea Dragon”. I’ve become fond of him because it seriously looks like a dragon, but sea- dragon is leaving me.


Sea Dragon 2013


I’m not quite sure how I got it, but I do love it. I think it’s a symbol of some sort, to me it has meaning, now I have no idea what it is; but I have managed to create a dragon on my foot with very little effort.
I have to say, I’m enjoying 2013, even though we’re only six days into the new year, I’m having a blast. So, I’m wondering, how the new year is shaping up for you and if you’ve managed to create some magical creatures of your own?

Enjoy January and the beautiful things it has to offer.


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