Two posts in a row, I’m doing well. continuing from yesterdays post, I thought I would share another thought.
You know when you apply for a place you’ve been waiting to come out for so long that you feel like you’re a tree waiting to be watered? Well, I’ve seen a few I’ve liked and applied for; but no luck so far.
The interesting thing is something I learnt, while Interning with Brisbane Times this year. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself on paper and in person and don’t hesitate to apply for the place. At least you’re showing interest in the field and you’re not afraid of getting knocked back.
We’ve all had our fair or rejection, when it comes to pitching articles or even submitting query letters, but the point is that you’re trying. I know how frustrating it can be, I’m still in the process, but I’m learning what the publishers like and don’t like. I”m also learning about myself. What type of publications I like and where I really want to be. I was having a good conversation with Lucire Magazine Publisher, Jack Yan last night. Safe to say, he inspired me to write yesterday’s post and today’s.
Failure, it’s apart of life and it’s something that you’ll never get rid off; but it’s how you deal with that matters. Personally, I think that if something is meant to be, it will be. But I also believe there is a lot of hard work that goes into writing and sending out these queries, all in the hope that a publisher will pick your story, run it and pay you for it.
But most new graduates are either interning and working a day job to pay the bills, or some have been lucky enough to go straight into their dream positions.
So it makes me wonder, what I’m doing wrong and if there’s something I’ve missed?

So I put it to you, how many times have you felt like giving up? How many times have to come so close to closing that door, only for a ray of light to shine through and give you that small amount of hope?
I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂


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