Dear 20 year old me




Dear 20-year-old me,

Life is about to test you in so many ways. You have no idea how hard you’re going to have to work, think and most of all, feel. This year, you’re going to test the waters of “LOVE”, something that you’ve never really explored. It’s frightening as hell, it will turn you inside out. It will make you feel sick, literally, but it will also give you something you never thought you could or would receive; kindness and understanding.
Now, I’m not going to tell you it’s like a Disney Fairytale, because it’s far from it. But what I can tell you is to really enjoy and feel the journey. Feel your emotions, to the depths you never knew existed, feel the heartbreak, the warmth, the misunderstandings, the arguments; but almost all; learn what you do and don’t want; whom you are; and whom you want to become.
There will be other trials in life, but love, letting someone truly love you, is the greatest fight we have in ourselves and will ever allow ourselves to feel.
It’s not all bad, really; it’s just that; sometimes life wants to see how far it can push you and to see how hard you can push back.
A word to the wise, trust your inner voice and judgment.
Trust those butterflies, those niggling annoying little feelings that tell you that something’s wrong; but most of all; never doubt yourself and stay true to yourself.

Live, because you’ll never be this age again.
Love with all your heart, your tears, your anger because love will make you a better person, and it will show you just how wonderful you really are.
Forgive because there is nothing more freeing than forgiveness.


Your 25 year-old self


2 thoughts on “Dear 20 year old me

  1. This post speaks volumes to me. I’m learning to love unconditionally, for the first time. What keeps me coming back is that I want to feel every emotion that comes with and conquer my fears associated with it.

    • I’m glad it’s helping. I think love is the hardest thing, we as humans, can fear. Letting someone in isn’t always easy, but we do learn to love ourselves even more; at least that’s what I have learnt.
      Love is addictive and I think the only way we can learn more about ourselves is by putting ourselves out there.
      Stay strong and know you are worthy of love, and always listen to yourself and never doubt your feelings.

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