Tea for thought

Photo: Aaaaaaaah a good cuppa yorkshire tea!

Image: One Direction Facebook page

If you’re wondering why one earth I have Louis Tomlinson as my image, it’s because of something WordPress suggested. I’m doing a daily random post on an image I have found.
Funnily enough, Louis is my inspiration for today; in particular; his tea.
As “TEA” was my chosen Google word for today, I thought it would be fun to write something along the lines ” teach for thought.”
Original, I know, but it makes sense? Doesn’t it?
I like to think of life-like a big bucket of water and are the tea bags that get thrown around and into the hot boiling water to create a flavour that will linger, for generations to come. I know it sound random, and perhaps a little insane, but that’s the point of this post; something different; hence tea for thought.
How many times have you sat there, drinking tea or coffee, and had a brainstorm or a realisation as you’ve sipped on your favourite flavour of tea?


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