Over educated



Two weeks ago, I signed up with an employment agency, as most graduates do after completing their degree.
I went into the organisation hoping they would aid me in some way, hoping they had some quality contacts; instead, I was told I should take out some of my education because it intimidates the employer.
Now, I didn’t spend four years at University accumulating a debt to be told ” You’re over educated”, for the positions they have open.
I would have thought that employers would see it as someone whose keen on improving themselves and their futures, instead, I’m being told to cut off my education and to only leave the basics.
I won’t, why should I? I’ve worked very hard to get my degree and for an employment agency to tell me that I should “cut out” some of my qualification is totally and utterly frustrating  to me.

And yet, when you apply for your degree positions, they tell you you’re under-qualified, confused? I sure am.

So I wanted to know, have you ever been told you’re over educated and how did you deal with it?


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